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What they say

I now know what it actually feels like to have a healthier gut/body

I worked with Eveline when I was really struggling with chronic eczema amongst other things.

I’ve not had a flare up since and have been able to properly nourish myself and feel what it actually feels like to have a healthier gut/body.


I’m enjoying this change and feel good with it

I always feel very secure in asking Eveline for help around my health issues because she brings first a wealth of practical knowledge, wisdom of the herbs as well as good observations and goodwill to tackle the problem.

I am enjoying this change and feel good with it.

A dS


My relationship with food changed

Eveline was a great support to me in finding more well being and balance in my life.

My relationship to food changed and my self esteem improved over a number of weeks and months.

She offered practical advice, recipes and helped deepen my understanding of myself and my relationship to food.

J.P. Forres

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions I’m asked and their answers

How are the one on one sessions conducted?

All sessions are on Zoom. You will get automatic links and reminders.

I’m a fussy eater, will you still be able to help me?

Sure! I always try to work with your personal situation and food preferences. And might seduce you to explore some foods you haven’t tried before…

What kind of things will you advise me to do?

It depends! But I always include:

  • Sleep and relaxation
  • Exercise and movement
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Stress and resilience
  • Relationships, community and networks
Will I need to have tests and do you provide them?

Testing can be very helpful but you don’t always have to start there. We can make some changes first and see how your body reacts. I do often ask clients to ask their GP for blood test results as those can provide a lot of information.

What tests can you order?

There is a whole range of tests I can work with. Here are some examples:

  • Any test results from your GP or specialist
  • More advanced thyroid testing than your GP does, including antibodies
  • Vitamin D, B12, folate and iron
  • Very advanced stool testing to assess microbiome imbalances, parasites, dysbiosis etc
  • Organic Acid testing for assessing yeast and bacterial overgrowth, causes of fatigue, vitamin deficiencies
  • Small Intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) breath test
  • Adrenal function
  • And many more – just ask!
Could I suffer any ill-effects/side effects from changing my diet?

I don’t see that very often. But when you are on my 4 month programme you can journal about your symptoms and ask questions every day. So if you think something doesn’t feel right we can course-correct immediately. I’ll be there to hold you throughout the whole programme!

I’m on the go a lot with my job and find it difficult to find healthy foods while I’m out, can I still be helped?

Yes, I can work with that and help you explore better choices when eating out. But to be realistic: only living off food other people prepare for you doesn’t work. You will need to make time to prepare your own food.

Will I have to take supplements?

I do use supplements with my clients but it’s usually not where I start. I don’t believe taking a large amount of supplements is helpful and will focus on a few key ones that support overall health, depending on your situation

How long will it be before I start noticing a difference and feeling better?

It depends! I’ve seen clients who started to feel better after a week and others for whom it was a bit more of a puzzle. It also depends on how well you are able to implement the changes – in the end it’s you who needs to do the work!

What does it cost?

I have 3 different ways you can work with me. Have a look here

Will I have to cook different meals for myself and my family?

I always offer practical support so you’re not cooking several meals and your family will enjoy what you cook. Without being on your diet!

What happens after the programme finishes, what continuing support can I get from you?

I can continue to support you after the programme finishes with a monthly membership

Will you be asking to see my poo?

If we decide you need a stool test, I will ask the lab to send you an at-home test that you send to them

My question isn't answered here

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