You worked with me about four years ago when I was really struggling with chronic eczema amongst other things.

After a period of slowing down and taking stock of what has been a whirlwind period in my life, I have been reflecting on how my sessions with you profoundly changed my life, in a way that I haven’t really acknowledged until now, and how grateful I am for this. I’ve not had a flare up since and have been able to properly nourish myself and feel what it actually feels like to have a healthier gut/body. I am reaching out to let you know this and to give my sincerest and wholehearted thanks to you. 


My relationship with food changed
“Eveline was a great support to me in finding more well being and balance in my life. She is a professional and caring person who stuck with me each step of the way. My relationship to food changed and my self esteem improved over a number of weeks and months. She offered practical advice, recipes and helped deepen my understanding of myself and my relationship to food. I wholeheartedly recommend Eveline and feel very grateful for her help.”
J.P. Forres

I’ve got my life back!
“Thanks to Eveline’s nutritional advice, I have gone from being in extreme constant debilitating pain, having been severely limited in any physical activity for over 6 years, to almost back to normal. Now, in the year I turned 50 I have got my life back!

I found Eveline extremely knowledgeable, professional, understanding and a trustworthy chaperone along the way.

I already had what would be considered to be a very healthy diet before I met her.  I did need, however, to make quite big changes to what I ate. That wasn’t difficult to implement. Eveline had a host of wonderful suggestions on how I could continue to eat lots of delicious foods and not feel at all deprived. I just needed to change what I was eating. Some changes were for a limited period of time so my body got a chance to heal, others are now just a way of life;   and very yummy!

I would recommend to anyone to explore with Eveline how they can have more optimal health and energy using her nutritional knowledge. I’m sure most of us can. I know you’ll be in good hands.
SC, Kinloss.

I’m enjoying this change and feel good with it
‘I always feel very secure in asking you for help around my health issues because you bring first a wealth of practical knowledge, wisdom of the herbs as well as good observations and goodwill to tackle the problem. You introduced me to a change in diet as if it was quite easy . This gave me confidence to try. I am enjoying this change and feel good with it .’
A dS, Findhorn

I learned about how my behaviour contributed to my physical distress
‘With gentleness and insight Eveline led me to a greater understanding of how my own behaviour and feelings contributed to my physical distress.
I had been trying to help myself for a long time when I met Eveline and with her encouragement I was able to apply a new approach to my relationship with food.’
Pam Hardy

I am now able to keep my energy on an even keel
‘I went to see Eveline because I was feeling tired all the time and felt out of control of my own well being, I had a lot of small bits of knowledge about health and nutrition but was at a loss how to put this information together to form a working system. She asks the kind of in depth questions that you wish your Doctor would ask if only they had the time! Her gentle knowledge is very reassuring. I’m feeling better and the biggest gift has been that I am now able to keep my energy on an even keel, I have become aware of how to stop the dips before they happen and how having good nutrition for breakfast makes me feel so very much better and in control. I think too that I am more able to understand what I have done to myself as opposed to what age has done, and have come to terms with this somewhat! And, I now routinely eat 3 times the amount of vegetables that I did before I met Eveline. My brother and the kids noticed a difference, which makes me happy. Thank you Eveline xxx ‘
Lindsey Woolley, Forres, Moray

I appreciate your warmth, care and wisdom
‘I had an intuitive sense to reach out to Eveline for support and was grateful she had an appointment free so quickly. I really appreciate her warmth, care and wisdom and feel a sense of hope that greater well-being is possible. The follow on action plan I received that same evening gave me all the links I needed to order the suggested nutritional support and clear recommendations. I feel I’m on the path to optimal health and my gratitude is enormous.’             
CL, Findhorn 

I understand my body and my body’s reactions better as a result of our work
I found Eveline’s sessions very understandable and helpful, and it made it a lot easier to stick to her advice and give it a good trying out. I understand my body and my body’s reactions better as a result of our work, and feel i’ve got some really useful self-help tools to stay healthy.
Thank you Eveline!
Vera B.