Sourdough step by step

Would you love to make your own sourdough bread? Sink your teeth into a tasty, crusty home-made loaf? Have your house smell of fresh baked sourdough bread?

Maybe you have been thinking about it but never tried. Or maybe you did try but ended up with a sour brick! The process may look complicated but you can totally do this – with some help.

Many people – like myself! – learn best by doing. If you’re one of them this is your chance: I can take you through the whole process from start to finish in 8 days so that you can start baking your own sourdough bread with confidence after just 8 days.

I have made my own sourdough bread for over a decade and am passionate about all things fermentation. As a functional nutrition practitioner I focus on gut health and on what you can do to nourish your gut bacteria in a down-to-earth way. I love to inspire my clients to eat a whole food diet and your own home-made bread can be part of that!

What’s unique about this course is that we will go through the whole process together as a group: from making the starter from scratch to the final result: a delicious loaf out of your own oven. We’ll go step by step and you will get answers to your questions – it’s like having me standing next to you in your kitchen!

I will do all the teaching in a closed Facebook group, just for the course. As it’s the first time I do this, it will be a small group, max 12.

The course will run for 8 days. I will let you know what to do every day and answer your questions. Half way through there will be a Q & A session.

As I said, this is the first time I do this (even though I have been teaching many in-person workshops!) so what you see below is the rough schedule – it might change slightly:

  • Day 1: Welcome! And what do you need to get going and we’ll set up the starter
  • Day 2: Feeding the starter and I’ll explain the process and will talk about what’s so great about sourdough
  • Day 3: Feeding the starter
  • Day 4: We’re feeding the starter and will see each other during a Q&A in the Facebook group
  • Day 5: Feeding the starter and: What do you need for baking bread? Gathering your supplies
  • Day 6: Feeding the starter and: What can you do with the discarded starter?
  • Day 7: Today is a big day: we’re mixing, kneading, proving and baking our bread!
  • Day 8: Sharing our results and talking about how you can fit baking sourdough bread fitting it into your daily or weekly rhythm.

The course will run for 8 days. The whole course is online and is £49. This is a try-out and the price will go up!

Spaces are limited to 12; that way I’m able to give you the attention you need.

You will get a clear handout with recipes. If you have any questions, have a look in the FAQ

If you’d like to book, let me know via the contact form and I will create a list and let you know when I know more.