Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle Course

For you, if you want to have more energy and less gas, bloating, acid reflux, joint pain and other symptoms WITHOUT restrictive diets or confusion about what to eat

Are you confused about food - what to eat and what's healthy or not?


Do you want to have more energy?


Address immune system issues?


Get rid of your many niggling symptoms?


Are you up for creating new healthier habits?


Do you want to connect with people with similar issues?

Then it’s clearly time for an Anti-Inflammatory Reset!

Inflammation is the biggest driver for chronic illness and symptoms that never seem to go away.

It’s also the big underlying reason why people are more affected by viruses like the Corona virus.

On top of that it is the driver behind: 


Digestive issues, acid reflux, food sensitivities



(both types)


Auto-immune diseases

(like arthritis, psoriasis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis)


Joint pain






Weight gain




Progression of Alzheimer


Brain fog




and many more...

Many of these diagnoses and symptoms are related to diet and lifestyle.

If you have digestive issues and/or symptoms of inflammation this online course will give you the information, the steps and the encouragement to address those.

In this 6 week course, I invite you to treat yourself to an experiment.

Over 6 weeks you will get to eat fresh, healthy, whole foods, while gradually taking out inflammatory foods with my guidance and support.

You will see what happens to your symptoms, your energy, your clarity when you say goodbye to sugary sweets, cakes, fried foods and ready meals!

Self-care is the new healthcare!

When you fuel yourself with good food, nourishment and community, and you boost those efforts by maximising the powers of your digestive system, you’re well on the road to renewing your drive and vitality. This will serve you for the rest of your life!

I now know how to manage my IBS

Thank you Eveline for creating such a well thought out course. Your holistic approach has provided the information and support that I needed in order to make sustainable changes to my relationship with food and has helped me learn to manage my IBS.

James C

It’s fun and very supportive!

The course feels really supportive and creates a great container for improving my diet. I like that it’s six weeks as it gives time to ground the lifestyle changes. I also really appreciate all the educational videos, the time for Q&A each week and the abundance of recipes. It makes it quite fun! Thank you Eveline

Christine L

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle Course

Over the 6-week course you will have the chance to:

  • Have your questions answered by me
  • Release old patterns of eating
  • Free yourself from craving sugar and other addictive foods
  • Release toxins and make space for nutrients to help you feel your best
  • Create positive habits that will help your digestion (and your skin, mood, and much more!) and lower inflammation
  • Be part of an empowering group of like-minded people seeking health and inspiration

Here are some of the topics you will learn about:

  • How you can balance your blood sugar and improve your mood, energy and sleep AND address those sugar cravings
  • What inflammation is and how it can be causing you symptoms
  • Why eating whole foods is so important
  • Which kitchen tools can save you time and make cooking enjoyable
  • Which healthy fats you need to eat and which ones to steer away from
  • Why taking gluten out of your diet can make a big difference and how you can replace them without having to eat cardboard-like gluten free products
  • How to support digestion so you can actually absorb and use what you eat
  • Find out if dairy is a problem for you and whether you feel better without it
  • How tracking is the best tool to find out what works and doesn’t work for YOUR body
  • Know which foods can calm inflammation and how you can incorporate them
  • How you can have home cooked meals every day without the overwhelm
  • How you can carefully reintroduce the eliminated foods and find out if they are right for you.
  • And much more…
anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle course

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle Course

What you get:


6x Weekly Modules

A new module every week, containing several short videos that take you through a step-by-step elimination of inflammatory foods while adding in healthy whole foods so that you don’t feel overwhelmed


Weekly Q&A Sessions

So that you can get my answers to any questions, and connect with other members of the group


An extensive Recipe Library

with delicious whole food recipes so you’re never in any doubt what to cook and how



so that you are guided throughout the six weeks


Nutrition Education

Lots and lots of clear education so that you understand how your body works, what to eat and why!


15 minute one-on-one session with me

to look at your personal situation and get guidance on your next steps


Group Chat

Where you have access to me (and your peers) to ask further questions in between Q&A Sessions

I became more adventurous with what I ate.

I tried so many things over the years, as I often felt tired with low energy. My digestion was poor, and I suffered from brain fog, lethargy, and often woke up at 4am unable to get back to sleep – I wanted to cure my exhaustion.

I worked with Eveline one on one for a year, then took some time away, so when I signed up for the group detox it was to give myself a boost and to re-connect to valuable advice and encouragement.

I made lots of lifestyle changes previously, and just wanted to keep myself on track.

I like Eveline’s way of working and knew it would be full of good information that I can’t hear too many times.

I thought it was amazing value for money, and I liked the idea of being in a group, as other people can ask very interesting questions.

Doing the detox I became more adventurous, creative and organised about what I ate, and I looked after myself better for the most part, as I planned ahead, and the food I ate was fresh and vibrant and attractive looking – it just felt as if I was giving myself medicine on so many levels.

I discovered some exciting new food groups – like spices – they’ve always felt a bit like I don’t know how to use them, but making soups and stews has been brilliant – even eating them for breakfast!

The detox shook me up in a good way. Who knew that bad bacteria in the gut can send a message to your brain to eat sugar???!!! It was worth doing for that info alone.

I really liked the step-by-step approach.

Focussing on different food groups and areas of health each week. Clear slides and helpful explanations.

Amazing follow up with links and recipes and suggestions. It felt very supportive.

Having the ‘lectures/sessions’ to revisit again at my leisure will be very useful as I integrate more changes to my diet and lifestyle.

Angie Alexandra


Your questions answered

How do the live Q&A sessions work?

The sessions will happen on Thursday evenings 7pm UK time. In case that time doesn’t work out for the group I will either send out a survey for a better time or – depending upon the group size – offer a second call at a different day and time. You will get the Zoom links in your email inbox.

Are the Q&A sessions recorded?
No, they are not. The group calls are an important part of the course. This is where we create community, where you hear other people’s wins, struggles and solutions. And this is where you can get to pick my brain! You will get so much more out of the course when you join these calls!
Is it ok to connect with the other group members?

Definitely and I will certainly encourage you to connect with your peers in the group chat and during the Q&A sessions so that you can support one another.

What if I can’t join the live call?
I do ask you to make these calls a priority and fit them into your schedule. If not, I will either send out a survey for a better time or – depending upon the group size – offer a second call at a different day and time.
How long do I have access to the course materials?

The materials are available for you for as long as I offer the course. And you have access to the group chat and the Q&A calls for 8 weeks.

I have already tried elimination diets. Can this course still help me?

Yes, I think it will still be helpful. I often hear from my clients that they have eliminated certain foods, but not long enough or they weren’t doing it right. Learning how it works and taking it step by step can make all the difference!

Do I need to stay on this diet forever?

It depends. If you feel a lot better, why would you go back to your old way of eating? Towards the end of the course I teach you how you can reintroduce foods in a safe way.

I have a busy life. How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?

Watching the videos will take around 30-45 minutes a week and you have to make time to cook and try out new recipes.

I have many different health issues. Is this a good course for me?

It depends on what your diet looks like now. If your diet is already super clean – probably not. In that case working one-to-one with me is a better idea for you. If you still eat some inflammatory foods: absolutely!

I’m vegan/vegetarian/a meat eater, is this course for me?

Yes! The recipes are mostly vegan and contain many different plants. You can always add good quality animal protein like fish, eggs and meat.

Can I keep joining the Q&A calls after the course has finished?
You will have access to two extra weeks of live calls, so 8 weeks in total
Can I speak with you first to make sure this is the right course for me?

Yes! Schedule a 15 minute ‘is it right for me’ call with me to check if it’s the right course for you.

My question isn’t answered here

Then send me your question via the contact form or schedule an is it right for me call with me to discuss your concerns.

The investment

£197 for the whole course 6-week course.

Early bird discount of 20% with the code happygut20 until 11 February!

Yes I want to register now!


Read what past delegates have said

Shedding weight

I signed up because I wanted encouragement to try leaving sugar, dairy and wheat out of my diet and didn’t know how to approach this issue.

The weekly step by step approach worked well for me and I carried on afterwards – of sorts.

Next thing I found myself having unintentionally but very happily shed 8 kg in a few weeks after the course.


Brain and memory clearer

I have been a careful eater for a long time and enjoy good food moderately. I don’t have any weight issues or severe addiction issues with food either – but when I saw Eveline’s Course advertised I was somehow drawn to looking deeper into what it may offer.

I was surprised and heartened to read that eliminating certain foods and introducing other more wholesome foods can help to eliminate brain fog, depression, low energy and stabilise moods.

I signed up and found that the course was very supportive, hugely informative and sometimes fun!

Eveline guided me gently through the elimination process of unhelpful food types for my health issues without any severe withdrawals, mainly because she introduced a more beneficial wholesome substitute – equally tasty – just different!

I personally benefited greatly from Eveline’s Course and find that my brain function and memory is much clearer and I have more energy.

I have sustained this new way of eating for almost a year and continue to benefit. I highly recommend her course.

Chris S.

Acid Reflux resolved

I decided to sign up to Whole Food Detox (now called the Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle Course) as I had painful acid reflux and didn’t want long term medication.

I thought I knew a lot about ‘healthy eating’, but every week I learned something new, and how food can be ‘medicine’.

I still use the breakfast recipes, and have not had acid reflux since.

The things I enjoyed most were the support of the group and Eveline’s calm manner of imparting knowledge.

If you ever feel ‘out of control’ around food, you’ll learn why here – and that it’s nothing to do with lack of moral character or human failings, it’s basic biology.

The good news is that there is a compassionate answer for yourself and you’ll learn about it here.

Hazel McSporran