About Eveline

I was self employed as a writer and journalist in The Netherlands for over 20 years when I almost burnt out. I decided to quit the stressful life in search for something more meaningful.

After taking some time to rest I reconnected with my love for health and plants and decided to study Naturopathy. Immediately after finishing this 5 year education I moved to the Findhorn community in the North East of Scotland with my husband Hugo.

I worked full time in the Findhorn Foundation and made herbal creams, salves and syrups. I also saw clients who wanted to use herbs for their health issues.

Although I loved working with the plants I noticed they didn’t work so well for people with chronic issues. At the same time my husband’s chronic digestive distress flared up big time and we found out that the mainstream health care wasn’t really able to help him. It turned out that – although we thought we were eating healthily – our diet didn’t work for him. We started changing what we ate and he quickly felt a lot better!

And I noticed I was starting to feel more balanced myself as well. For decades I have been struggling with blood sugar issues. I would try to quit eating sugar but would get such strong cravings that this was difficult. I would get really tired, stressed and shaky later in the morning and it would affect my moods as well. Finding out how I can eat in a way that supports my blood sugar balance has made a huge difference to my energy.

This sparked my passion for using nutrition to address the imbalances that are the root cause of chronic illnesses. In 2015 I started the Full Body Systems education from Holistic Nutrition Lab. I’m now a certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP).

I’m passionate about educating my clients about how their body works and how they can support it to bring more balance. In my former work as a journalist I developed the skill to really listen to what people say – and what’s behind their words. My father, who was a surgeon, taught me to use information to understand the roots of illness and not go for ‘solutions’ that only mask symptoms.

If I’m not working with clients you can find me outside, on walks or in my garden. Or in my kitchen, preparing nutritious and delicious meals and pure and organic herbal remedies.