Hi! I’m Eveline

I work with people who suffer from bloating, stomach pain and other conditions that are related to gut health.

I help them to support digestion and build their microbiome back up, step by step through my signature programme.

Working on gut health does so much more than just address digestive symptoms.

A happy gut also makes your energy, skin, sleep, immune system – your whole body happier!

About Eveline Rodenburg
Eveline's husband mountain top

My Journey

My journey into functional nutrition started when my husband suffered badly from GERD.

He also had many food sensitivities so his diet was very limited.

The medication he got from our GP for his acid reflux made him so tired that he could hardly get out of bed in the morning.

With him, I’ve seen the power and transformation that results from supporting digestion and addressing food sensitivities.

He’s very fit now and climbs mountains almost every week!

How I work

Everybody’s body, story and life situation are different. That’s why I combine a personalised approach with a lot of support.

I really listen. Together with my client we take a step-by-step approach that builds on what we see that works.

More about me

  • I’m a certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP)
  • I had a career as a writer and changed careers when I burnt out.
  • I come from a family of doctors and nurses
  • I’m a maker: I make herbal salves, tinctures and syrups; I knit; and I grow quite a lot of my own vegetables
  • I live in an eco community
  • I’m a down-to-earth, common sense, natural, whole food, no-make-up, no-hair-dye kinda girl
  • I’m originally Dutch, so a bit direct.
  • Humour helps me to keep things light
About Eveline Rodenburg

What they say

I’ve got my life back!

Thanks to Eveline’s nutritional advice, I have gone from being in extreme constant debilitating pain (having been severely limited in any physical activity for over 6 years) to almost back to normal.

Now, in the year I turned 50 I have got my life back!



I am now able to keep my energy on an even keel

Eveline asks the kind of in depth questions that you wish your Doctor would ask if only they had the time! Her gentle knowledge is very reassuring. I’m feeling better and the biggest gift has been that I am now able to keep my energy on an even keel.

Lindsey Woolley

Forres, Moray

I’m enjoying this change and feel good with it

You bring a wealth of practical knowledge, wisdom of the herbs as well as good observations to tackle the problem. You introduced me to a change in diet as if it was quite easy. This gave me confidence to try. I am enjoying this change and feel good with it.

A dS


Down To Earth Packages

Working with me is easy

Group Programme: Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle

A gentle way to start a healthier lifestyle in a self study group programme with my weekly support and guidance so you can try out eliminating foods that cause pain and inflammation


Down to Earth Health Review

Two 60-90 minute sessions with me designed to assess your whole health picture and provide you with a health plan based on your unique situation. So you get more clarity on where to start your journey to health

Down to Earth 4 Month Programme

My signature one-to-one coaching package designed to help you make significant progress with your digestive and other health challenges

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