Easiest home-made soup in the world


On a warm and sunny day you probably want an easy meal that nourishes and can be wipped up in ten minutes. And that you can eat chilled or heated… Voilá the easiest home-made soup in the world! Just open a few tins, add some stuff and blend!

Beans are great

White beans like haricot or cannellini beans are wonderful to use in soups and smoothies. They make them thicker and more nourishing without adding a strong specific taste. Plus our gut bacteria thrive on the fiber that beans bring. And yes, I said add them to smoothies! The idea made me raise an eyebrow but it’s a big success here.


You can download and print the recipe here. Are you looking for more soup recipes? This post gives you a nice template on how to make your own!

Support with inflammation and gut issues

For many of my clients doing an elimination diet has been really helpful. They’re getting rid of a host of different symptoms: digestive but also joint pain, eczema, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety and depression. It’s big! And you could experience this too!

Are you curious if an elimination diet would help you but are you not sure if you have the discipline to do it well? My Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle course is a great place to give it a go. You’ll hear other people’s experience – and struggles! -, get my support, learn why this protocol works so well and use the group for accountability. Plus you’ll have access to a whole library full of healthy and easy recipes and practical videos.

Not sure if this would be a good choice for you? Send me a message or schedule a call with me here and I can help you decide.


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