How your gut health affects your skin

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Do you have skin problems like acne, eczema, rosacea or psoriasis? And is using creams – like steroid creams – not the long term solution you’re looking for? There’s a good chance your gut health affects your skin. And that’s good news! Because improved digestion will not only give you lasting results for your skin but will also make your energy, pain, sleep and moods better! Imagine being able to go outside feeling great without having to hide, cover yourself up in long sleeves or trousers or put concealer on your face!

But I don’t have gut issues!

Maybe you think your gut is not the cause because you don’t have digestive issues. Then think again. Diarrhea, constipation, bloating, acid reflux indigestion don’t always have to be present. You can totally have issues with your gut without any digestive symptoms. Plus: we have become quite used to not-so-optimal digestive function. So much so, that we may not realise that what we’re experiencing day-to-day is not ideal…

Your skin is the canary

Skin issues are visible signals from your body that are hard to ignore. But instead of seeing that as a negative, you can look at it differently and see your skin as the canary in the colemine. It’s giving you signals about how your gut is doing. And if you pay attention to those signals, it’s an opportunity to address your health on a deep level.

Some gut problems that can cause skin problems:

Leaky gut

You have leaky gut. This is when the lining of your intestines is compromised. That leads to a whole host of problems, including increased inflammation. And that can very easily manifest as skin issues. Leaky gut also increases autoimmune activity, so it has a big influence on autoimmune skin diseases like psoriasis.

Not absorbing your food well

It’s important to eat a nourishing whole food diet, but if you can’t break down and absorb the nutrients, it will cause nutrient deficiency. Interesting fact: your skin is the last to receive those nutrients – they go elsewhere in the body first! That’s why your skin again functions as the canary in the colemine and is the first indicator that something is not right.

Imbalanced microbiome

When you have an imbalance in your gut microbiome you can get into all sorts of gut problems that will show up in your skin. Maybe you don’t have enough beneficial bacteria, or not enough variety of organisms or an overgrowth of unhelpful bacteria. Or even pathogens or yeast. Eek! Eating more prebiotic fibers from vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes can bring great results. And a comprehensive stool test can be helpful because it can show where the problems exist.

Food reactions…

Food reactions can definitely trigger skin conditions. Eliminating those foods can make a big difference. But if your skin reacts to many foods the question is why – food sensitivities are again a symptom of a deeper problem with your gut health and immune system.

Lasting results

Improving health of your gut can have a profound effect on your skin. And bring lasting results. But because we’re all different there is no advice or protocol or supplement that will work for everybody. You have to find out what is actually causing your skin problems.

If you have done what you can and are ready for some professional analysis and support, let’s talk! Don’t be shy and book a free 30 minute exploratory call with me. You can then tell me a bit more and I can explain how I would work with you. You can book yourself in or send me a message here. I look forward to our conversation!


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