Coconut and mango ice lollies


It’s summer! So let’s bring on the icecream. And let’s keep it simple: this recipe only has two ingredients. You can buy ice lolly moulds but you don’t have to. How about using to-go coffee cups or yoghurt containers? And use a teasoon as a stick. So here’s the recipe for coconut and mango ice lollies!

Only two ingredients

I really like simple recipe and this one only uses frozen mango and tinned coconut milk. That’s very different from the ingredient list of shop bought ice lollies: Water, lemon juice from concentrate (10%), glucose syrup, sugar, fructose, soluble fibre, stabilisers (tara gum, locust bean gum), acidity regulator (citric acid), colours (curcumin, copper complexes of chlorophyllins), flavouring. Fruit juice and three kinds of sugar and a total of more than 4 sugar cubes per item! I mean, really?!

Other options from the freezer…

If you like a more creamy ice cream have a look here for another easy recipe: coconut banana ice cream. I often keep it REALLY simple and just nibble on frozen fruit. That’s a great alternative if you want something cold now! Berries, bananas, mango and strawberries are my favourites.

Coconut and mango ice lolly recipe

You can download and print a pdf of the recipe here.

How are you doing?

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