A grain-free snack or lunch recipe


This is an easy and quick recipe if you are on an autoimmune diet and have reintroduced dairy. Or if you just want a healthy lunch! The crunchy lettuce leaf works well as a wrap and I like the different tastes and textures in this recipe: crunch and smooth! So do give this grain-free snack or lunch recipe a try!

Autoimmune protocol

If you have an autoimmune condition it is a good idea to eliminate a range of foods and see how you do. The Autoimmune protocol does exactly that. One of the foods that this protocol eliminates is grains. That’s all grains (and products made with grains) so not just the gluten free ones. The reason behind this is that some compounds in these so called pseudo grains make it difficult to completely break them down. And that can especially cause issues when your gut still needs some more healing.

Elimination gives great information

Just to be clear: I don’t think everybody should be off grains forever. I like your food intake to be very varied and whole food based. But eliminating grains can be a good way to find out how you feel when you go off grains and if it makes a difference when you carefully reintroduce them. Elimination diets can give you a lot of information about your body. They also help you to connect with your body and learn in more detail what feels right for you – and that’s a great feeling! The problem is that may people don’t do elimination right: too short, not 100%, not sure which foods. My online course is a great start if you’d like to eliminate the top inflammatory foods in clear steps and with my guidance and the support of others who are doing the same.

The recipe

Let me know what you think! You can download and print this grain-free snack or lunch recipe here

A grain free snack or lunch recipe


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