Motivation – You Need to Know Your WHY

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When it comes to motivation, whether it be to cut down on sugar, be more organised in the kitchen or stick to healthy eating habits, the first question I ask my clients is this; ‘What is your why?’ Why do you want to be healthier? And although it seems quite obvious, because of course, health is something we all want, we all have a different ‘why’. But here’s the thing with motivation – you need to know your WHY.

When we’re in pain or not feeling great, we often have the motivation to do something about it, because we think, “I can’t go on like this!”. But usually, once we feel a bit better, it’s easy to forget again and fall back into our own old habits. 

You know – but can you feel it?

We all know we shouldn’t be eating so much sugar, yet we still do. People who smoke know they shouldn’t be smoking, but they still do. You might have the commitment to put things into action every day, but if you still don’t really know why you’re doing it, you’ll just drop it.

Having a really strong connection to your ‘why’ will make it easier. 

Where does real motivation come from?

I want to inspire you to change things for good and for the better. But doing that requires a daily commitment, and I want to make sure you really want commit for the right reasons. Motivation doesn’t just come from something outside of you, like an article in a magazine, or the idea that you want to be thinner because you’re ‘supposed’ to be thinner. It needs to come from a deeper place within. 

I’ve created an exercise to help you find your deeper ‘why’. 

Grab a pen and some paper, block out 30 minutes, then click the video below to get started.

It takes time to change and choosing health is a daily commitment. 

We need motivation that’s much deeper than just a surface desire. Because as I said, sticking with these things will not always be easy.

The big question behind that is, ‘What is in you, that needs to blossom and come to fruition that is worth putting in every effort?’

Need some help?

Would you like extra support to stay motivated on your journey to better health? This exercise is part of my six-week online Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle Course. If you enjoyed it, discover more about the course here. 

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