Frozen fruit and veg – when you’re short on time


I spoke with a friend yesterday who had an operation and wasn’t able to stand in the kitchen and cook a meal. Her partner – not a very skilled cook – found meals he could just heat up. But when you’re recovering from an operation – especially when you’ve had to take a few rounds of antibiotics – you need fresh and whole foods! This is where frozen food can come in handy.

Is frozen fruit and veg good for you?

I often hear people say that frozen food is not as good as fresh fruit and veg. That’s not really true. Frozen fruit and vegetables are generally picked at peak ripeness. The farmer washes, freezes and packages the produce within a few hours of harvesting. And frozen produce typically keeps it’s nutrients. Other benefits:

  • it’s available out of season – like frozen berries
  • you can use small amounts without the rest going to waste
  • it’s usually more affordable
  • and it saves time!

Perfection… or practical

Of course eating organic veg from your own garden, local and seasonal is perfect. But frozen produce can make a huge difference when you’re busy. Or – like my friend – can’t do all the growing, peeling, washing and chopping. There’s a good choice in the shops and it can be a very practical way to add extra servings fruit and veg to your diet. Here’s the thing: does it make sense to not have them available in your freezer and then turn to ready meals when you suddenly find yourself hungry?

Frozen mango and other favourites

I like to use frozen avocado for smoothies. Frozen spinach is another handy one: you can add a few blocks to a dish if it needs some more greens. I recently discovered frozen mango’s – they always have the right ripeness and I don’t need to peel and dice them. The recipe below is a new discovery – a lovely smoothie that can serve as a snack or a breakfast.

You can download and print the recipe here or click the picture!

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