An easy nourishing lunch recipe


Lunch is a meal where you can add a good amount of nutrients to your day. Much more than the usual cheese sandwich! So here’s an easy nourishing and colourful lunch recipe – that could easily serve as a breakfast too!

I spoke with a client yesterday who was struggling with bloating, fatigue and constipation. She made the effort to stop eating bread – this had been hard as she often ate bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Since she’s not eating bread, her symptoms have already improved a lot. Her question to me for a suggestion of a lunch that would sustain her and add more vegetables to her diet.

Colourful variety

Using different vegetables in different colours will not only make your meal look good and taste good. It adds all the different vitamins, minerals and fytonutrients our bodies need. Without adding a lot of calories! Plus it feeds the variety of gut bacteria . Adding variety is an important strategy you can use to create balance in your microbiome and tackle your digestive issues.

Fat, fiber and protein

This recipe has a good combination of healthy fat (olive oil), protein (eggs) and fiber (vegetables) and this combination is the best way to create balanced blood sugar and stable energy without the ups and downs and cravings. A healthy blood sugar balance is a non-negotiable for good health. If you would like to know why, here’s a video that explains.

Group programme

If you would like to improve how you feel and want to try out a new way of eating then my upcoming group programme might be something you want to check out. The doors will open on 6 January. If you want to be notified you can add your name to my waitlist here. Feel free to book a quick chat with me if you want to make sure this course is right for you.

You can click here if you would like to download and print the recipe


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