Easy coconut banana ice cream recipe


This simple recipe is one we often make. Who would have thought you can make a really nice ‘ice cream’ from bananas? That’s not as banana-y as you would think? You definitely need to give this easy coconut banana ice cream recipe a try.

No sugar and dairy

Normal ice cream usually contains a lot of sugar and cream. It was actually through eating ice cream that I started noticing I didn’t do well with dairy. Any time I would have some, I experienced thick mucus in my throat during the night. Sorry, probably TMI…

When I saw this recipe I wanted to give it a try. I must say I wasn’t convinced that it would be a good replacement for the real stuff. But we were both surprised of how smooth and lovely this ice cream is!

Spotty bananas

It starts with freezing bananas that started to look a bit too spotty. This is a great way to reduce food waste! Any time my bananas go a bit old I cut them in 4 and freeze them so they’re ready when ice cream craving hits 😆.

Why cut them in 4? Well, then I know that when I use 8 pieces I have 2 bananas!

Many variations

We’ve tried this recipe with vanilla, raspberry chia jam, frozen strawberries, raw cacao… Yum! And you can use any (home made) plant based milk instead of the coconut milk. That makes me realise that I might need to write about making your own plant based milks! So much nicer, so much less rubbish ingredients…

The recipe

Here’s the pdf of the recipe if you’d like to download and print it. Enjoy!

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