An indulgent everything-free holiday treat


Here’s an indulgent everything-free holiday treat you can serve or bring along: no gluten, dairy or sugar!

If you are like many of my clients you might not be sure how you can navigate these days. Christmas pudding, mince pies, stollen and iced cakes are delicious but can also make your bloating, stomach pain, joint pain and other issues flare up… and leave you feeling not very festive.

No gluten, dairy or refined sugar

These stuffed dates are truly indulgent and easy to make. Share them when you visit friends or family – and make sure you’ve got a delicious treat you can enjoy so you don’t feel deprived!

You can safely eat these little stuffed dates – in moderation of course – if you follow an anti-inflammatory diet. Download and print the recipe here.

Do you need support NOW so you’re not going into another year with bloating, stomach pain and low energy? Schedule a free 30 minute no-obligations call with me here!


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