Make your own coconut yoghurt

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Many of my clients with tummy troubles need to avoid dairy. Is that you? Coconut yoghurt can then be a great alternative. It can also be rather pricey though. And have quite a lot of added ingredients. Good to know you can easily make your own coconut yoghurt at home.

So here’s an easy coconut yoghurt recipe with only two ingredients!

I often make my own coconut yoghurt- it’s really easy, saves packaging and is a lot cheaper and greener 😎.

I love using probiotic foods with my clients and like to teach them how to make their own. It’s such a simple and affordable way to support your health.

Improve digestive health

To start with, fermented foods can improve digestive health. The probiotics can help to restore the balance of friendly bacteria in the gut. Evidence shows that eating fermented foods on a daily basis can help reduce IBS symptoms, including gas, bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea and constipation. You do need to be careful: if they give you a lot of gas and cramps, start low with a small spoonful and go up very slowly. When you have histamine intolerance, stop the fermented foods for now and start working with a functional medicine practitioner to heal your gut first.

Support your immune system

The bacteria that live in your gut have a big impact on your immune system. Because fermented foods provide a good variety of probiotics, they can support your immune system, bring balance and reduce your risk of infections like the common cold and viruses.

Consuming probiotic-rich foods may also help you recover faster when you’re sick. And on top of that, many fermented foods are rich in vitamin C, iron, and zinc — all of which are proven to contribute to a stronger immune system. If you want to improve your immunity, check out my upcoming 6 week group course here!

I have two more home-fermented recipes for you on my blog: kefir made with nut milk and home made beet kvass, a probiotic drink

The recipe

Here’s the coconut yoghurt recipe as a pdf if you want to download and print it and keep it with your recipes!


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