How to make a really nice soup

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I love making soup. I feel it sustains me and warms me now it’s getting colder and darker up here in Scotland – and that snuggly warmth is what I need right now. Over time I’ve learned how to make a really nice soup from scratch – without a recipe. So let me teach you how to make a really nice soup!

Five tastes

When I make soup, I use whatever is in my fridge. But just chucking things in a pot doesn’t necessarily make it taste nice! Over time I have learned that it takes a touch of five different tasting ingredients to make a really nice one: salt, sweet, sour, spicy and fat.


I still hear clients say that salt is bad. It’s not for most people (except when you have high blood pressure or kidney issues) but you want to use a great quality salt. The could be a sea salt or a pink salt and not a table salt. An organic bouillon powder works well too.


The sweet part for me often comes from caramelising onions or leeks (my husband can’t eat onions!) or from using sweet vegetables such as carrot, sweet potato, beetroot, parsnips or squash.


Adding a tiny bit of sour often makes the taste of a soup come alive. You can use tomatoes for that, lemon juice or a spoonful of vinegar. Try a little bit first and do overdo the lemon or vinegar!

A little kick…

I don’t like hot spicy food but I do like it when a soup has a little ‘kick’. This is where you bring in your spices. Fresh ginger is great for that, or a pinch of cayenne, some curry powder, garam masala or black pepper.

Some fat!

And the last and often forgotten one: a bit of good quality fat. This makes a soup SO much better. It could be a small lump of butter, some ghee, olive oil, coconut oil or some full-fat coconut milk from a tin. Using a bone broth with some animal fat is the best. Don’t be afraid of using good quality fat: we need it, it’s healing and it doesn’t make you fat.

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