Are cravings making you feel fat, tired and guilty?

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Are you someone who wakes up every day promising yourself you will not eat the sugary or fatty foods you crave? Only to break that promise again and again? You’re not alone. Cravings can be very strong. Do you want to stop feeling fat, tired and guilty? Here are some helpful tips for cravings!

First: what can be the cause of your cravings?

There can be several reasons for your cravings. So it’s not all about your lack of willpower! As a practionioner working in functional medicine, I always look for the root cause. Here are some I see a lot with my clients:

  • Blood sugar imbalance: when your blood sugar goes low, your brain will make you eat something rich in easy glucose because your body goes into stress if there’s not enough glucose! I made a video about it below.
  • Toxic hunger: the additives, colourings etc in your food can actually make you hungry…
  • Yeasts in gut – like candida – want to be fed and they like sugar. So they send a strong message to your brain: eat sugar now! Feed me!
  • Hormonal changes: pregnancy is famous for cravings – sometimes really strange ones! When I was pregnant with my daughter I craved extra salty liquorice (it’s a Dutch thing…). Not such a great idea when you don’t want your blood pressure to go up!
  • Emotions… In an attempt to come back to balance when you’re experiencing strong emotions, equally strong cravings can come up.
  • A diet poor in nutrients: your body will start craving specific foods when you’re low in certain nutrients.
  • Lack of sleep: when you don’t get enough sleep your blood sugar can easily become imbalanced. And your hunger hormones are affected too!

So what can you do? Try out these tips for cravings:

  • Drink more water: your body can think it’s hungry when it’s actually dehydrated.
  • Get enough sleep. Make it a priority! Here are some helpful tips
  • Eat more protein, fat and fiber and less carbs so you keep your blood sugar more balanced
  • Get more movement
  • Eat a whole food diet. You will consume less additives and more nutrients and your cravings will lessen considerately
  • Identify when the cravings happen. Is it really food you’re craving? Or something else? Here’s a PDF with an exercise that can help you to connect with the underlying emotions of your cravings.

Do you need support with your cravings? Do you want to address what’s causing them and say goodbye to feeling tired and guilty? Book a free 30 minute call with me so we can explore how I can help.


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