Preventing colds and flu

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Yes, it’s that time of year again! It’s cold and dark, we have not been eating too well during the holidays, we missed some sleep maybe… Our immune system could use a boost!

In our community we hold hands very often. So we are often reminded that washing your hands is important – but it’s not enough. Viruses are everywhere. Your immune system needs to catch them in time!

The three most important things to do to prevent illness are:

  • Go outside and get some movement
  • Get enough sleep: go to bed earlier and sleep as long as you need
  • Stay away from sugar

There are some herbs that can help a lot as well. Elderberry is one I take at the first sign – that uh-oh tickle in your throat – together with my own home made tincture for colds. They usually do the trick.

A food-like remedy that really supports you immune health is Fire Cider. It’s a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar (probiotic!), horse radish (supports sinus health), ginger (warming and anti-microbial), garlic and onion (anti-microbial) and local honey.

You can use it by taking a tablespoon every day. I also like to add some good quality olive oil to it and use it as a dressing.

It is very easy to make your own. I teach this in a workshop on Saturday 18 January. We will make a big batch together and your will take a small bottle home to try it out. And talk about the various herbs you can use to keep colds at bay.

Can’t make it? Or are you curious about other workshops I organise? Have a look here at my other events.

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