O no! There’s plastic in my tea!

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I make compost from food waste and years ago I started finding small lacy plastic bits in the compost. I found out that they come from teabags.
What?! Yes, many teabags look like they’re made from paper or silk. But these teabags actually contain plastic to make them stronger.

And would that plastic enter your body? Absolutely. A new study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology found that these tea bags shed billions of microplastic particles into your lovely cup of tea!

And while we don’t exactly know what effect drinking billions of pieces of micro and nano-plastics can have, we can certainly make some educated guesses.

First, we know that microplastics act like sponges for other chemicals. So it’s possible that these plastics in tea, that were found at levels MUCH HIGHER than the levels of microplastics in bottled water, expose us to even more toxins.

Second, some of these plastics that you find in the tea you brew in the ‘silken’ plastic bags are nano-sized. This means they can enter our cells, much in the way other nano-sized particles can.

Sooo… If you’ve been drinking out of these bags, buy a tea pot with infuser and switch to (organic) loose leaf tea!
Or find a brand that doesn’t have plastic. You’ll find an overview for the UK here


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