Recipes without refined sugar, dairy and gluten


I’m collecting healthy recipes without refined sugar, dairy and gluten to help you get inspired about cooking your own delicious food from scratch.

I also post a weekly recipe on my blog that you can download and print out.


What will I have for breakfast if I can’t have my toast and marmalade?

  • How about Cashew milk kefir, great if you love your kefir or yoghurt but can’t have it anymore because you’re off dairy. With a grated apple and some nuts.
  • A creamy coconut porridge that will keep you going all morning, by
  • Can we still call this breakfast? Yes we can! This chunky chocolatey buckwheat granola is packed with nutrients but not with gluten, sugar or dairy. By
  • Here’s a very handy green smoothie formula. A perfect chart to use for making your own green smoothies. By Academy of Culinary Nutrition
  • Chia pots are for those who want a quick breakfast. Prepare them the night before, add some berries and coconut yoghurt and you’re all good! Stay on the low side with the maple syrup. Video by
  • A perfect fat, fibre and protein breakfast for omnivores is the Farmer’s Wife breakfast from




Chocolate elixer
  • Turmeric milk, aka golden milk is a lovely and anti-inflammatory drink for the evening.
  • Here’s a recipe for a healthy hot chocolate that sustains your energy, balances your hormones and is very thick, creamy and delicious as well
  • Feeling deprived because you can’t have milk? Try this caramel vanilla hazelnut milk by

Side dishes

  • Hummus; so easy to make and so versatile! Works great as a snack as well.



  • This lemon and lentil soup is hearty and great for making a big batch. Freeze a lot of it for the meh-I-don’t-want-to-cook days. By Megan Telpner

Essential skills for Gluten-Sugar-Dairy free cooking


  • Gomasio is high in protein, fiber and calcium and is a condiment I really love on rice, salad, broccoli, beans… By

So, there you go, some recipes without refined sugar, dairy or gluten


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