Nutritional Solutions for Bloating and Stomach Pain

Restore your health, sleep, energy, wellbeing and life with Down To Earth Functional Nutrition

End Bloating and Stomach Pain


Know what to eat /avoid and discover how you can eat healthy delicious food so you don’t feel deprived



Improve sleep and energy quality, so that your body can replenish and repair



Reduce (and sometimes totally eliminate) symptoms, have more energy and enjoy the life you deserve

I address these ailments and conditions

You shouldn’t have to suffer with digestion, bloating and stomach pain, poor sleep or low energy

Don’t be held back with confusing and conflicting information about what to eat/not eat and supplements to take.


I get how confusing and frustrating it is figuring out what you can and can’t eat to avoid digestive problems like bloating and stomach pain and related issues.


I’m Eveline Rodenburg and I’m a certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner.


I’ve also studied and practiced in herbalism, naturopathy and holistic health and I’ve helped hundreds of people like you, discover the root causes of their health issues, reduce their symptoms and medications and recover their energy, health and wellbeing.


I can do the same for you.


I am now able to keep my energy on an even keel

I was feeling tired all the time and felt out of control of my own well being.

Eveline asks the kind of indepth questions that you wish your Doctor would ask if only they had the time!

I’m feeling better and the biggest gift has been that I am now able to keep my energy on an even keel and I feel so very much better and in control.

Thank you Eveline xxx

Lindsey Woolley

Forres, Moray

My relationship with food changed

Eveline was a great support to me in finding more well being and balance in my life.

She is a professional and caring person who stuck with me each step of the way.

My relationship to food changed and my self esteem improved over a number of weeks and months.

She offered practical advice, recipes and helped deepen my understanding of myself and my relationship to food.

I wholeheartedly recommend Eveline.



I’ve got my life back!

Thanks to Eveline’s nutritional advice, I have gone from being in extreme constant debilitating pain, having been severely limited in any physical activity for over 6 years, to almost back to normal.

Now, in the year I turned 50 I have got my life back!

I would recommend to anyone to explore with Eveline how they can have more optimal health and energy using her nutritional knowledge.



Down To Earth Packages

Working with me is easy

Group Programme: Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle

A gentle way to start a healthier lifestyle in a self study group programme with my weekly support and guidance so you can try out eliminating foods that cause pain and inflammation


Down to Earth Health Review

Two 60-90 minute sessions with me designed to assess your whole health picture and provide you with a health plan based on your unique situation. So you get more clarity on where to start your journey to health

Down to Earth 4 Month Programme

My signature one-to-one coaching package designed to help you make significant progress with your digestive and other health challenges

3 Steps to Get Started




I'm Eveline Rodenburg

I help discover the root cause of gut issues

More people than ever are experiencing bloating and stomach pains from food sensitivity, gut problems with diarrhea and constipation.


It can cause sleep problems, other illnesses including colds, joint pain and a host of other ailments, which in turn affects your mood and energy.


With the right food choices and supplements, these symptoms can be reduced, relieved and in some cases eradicated, leaving you with a healthy body you enjoy living in.


The trouble is, there’s so much confusing and conflicting information out there that it’s difficult to know what’s right for your situation.


With my 10+ years experience in the nutritional health field, I can help you identify the root causes of your health issues.


I’ll provide you with an easy to follow nutritional plan that matches your taste, time and kitchen skills and doesn’t leave you feeling deprived. So you can reduce or eliminate symptoms and get your life back.


Working with me is easy. Schedule an exploratory call and get clarity whether working with me is right for us both.




In the meantime…

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