Write your own Timeline

Look at your life and uncover the root causes of your symptoms

Do you have health issues that don’t want to go away? Do you want to know why they are happening? So you can address the root causes (there are usually more than one…) and know how you can support your health!

When you have chronic health issues there were probably different things that happened in your life that came together in a perfect storm.

Looking back at your life can give you a lot of insight into why your gut health is where it is at the moment. That knowledge is empowering, because it helps you to find out where you need to go next to address your symptoms.

What will you gain from the workshop?

  • More insight into your own life and how different events have affected your health and balance
  • Understanding about how things like stress, trauma, medication, accidents, trauma, unhealthy diet and lifestyle can disturb the balance in your body.
  • Learn how you can use that knowledge. So you can start to understand where you can focus on what kind of treatments or modalities would be appropriate for you.
  • Be part of a group of people, form a little community and learn from each other what has worked.
  • You will have a document that you can bring to your practitioner or doctor. So they immediately have a whole picture of you – without having to go through a long intake again.
  • Finding the root cause(s) of your issues can be help you to understand why all this is happening. And go from ‘why me?’ to ‘that’s me!’

When, who, how and how much?

There will be three sessions, all on Zoom. I will be teaching part of it, but it’s mostly participatory. That’s why it is important that you attend all sessions. There will be no recordings.

New dates coming soon

Cost for the workshop is £60 for three sessions.

Interested? Let me know below: