8 December 2019:

Eveline’s Home Fermentation classes: Sauerkraut and Pickles

Fermented or cultured vegetables are easy to make and they are powerful superfoods. They help balance your gut flora, ease digestion and make your immune system stronger. We will use all kinds of vegetables and it will be a messy and fun hands-on workshop! Read more here

28 December 2019:

Making Fire Cider – A tasty Remedy for the Immune System

Fire Cider is a popular recipe that is traditionally used to prevent colds and flu.

This is a hands-on workshop: we’ll be digging up horseradish and chopping and grating and mixing… Fire cider is a flexible recipe and we will make two variations of it. Read more here

April – September 2020:

Herb Walks

During a herb walk we’ll be wandering around in The Park Findhorn (or any other place you’d like me to come!) with a small group (max 8). I’ll help you identify herbs and wild plants that you can use for yourself and your family.

Read more here

30 May – 5 June 2020:

Findhorn Spiritual Practice Wild Food and Herbs

Do you want to get in touch with nature in a practical way? Learn to identify herbs, forage and prepare wild food? Come experience wild food as an experiential and embodied spiritual practice in the Findhorn Foundation! Read more here