Whole Food Detox-Praise

Here are some short stories of people who have done the Whole Food Detox. Want to know more? Have a look here.


I would definitely recommend this course to people. I very much liked the down to earth approach of Eveline, she brings a wealth of knowledge and she emphasised the importance of taking little steps along the way, being gentle with yourself. Her course definitely made me more conscious of my food intake, especially how to prevent tiredness by keeping blood glucose levels more balanced along the course of a day….as well as additional good recipes for a varied diet.

Sylvia Vandenbussche

Brain and memory clearer

I have been a careful eater for a long time and enjoy good food moderately. I don’t have any weight issues or severe addiction issues with food either – but when I saw Eveline’s Whole Foods Detox Course advertised I was somehow drawn to looking deeper into what it may offer. I was surprised and heartened to read that eliminating certain foods and introducing other more wholesome foods can help to eliminate brain fog, depression, low energy and stabilise moods. I signed up and found that the course was very supportive, hugely informative and sometimes fun! Eveline guided me gently through the elimination process of unhelpful food types for my health issues without any severe withdrawals, mainly because she introduced a more beneficial wholesome substitute – equally tasty – just different!

I personally benefited greatly from Eveline’s Whole Foods Detox Course and find that my brain function and memory is much clearer and I have more energy. I have sustained this new way of eating for almost a year and continue to benefit. I highly recommend her course.

Chris S

Acid Reflux resolved

I decided to sign up to Whole Food Detox as I had painful acid reflux and didn’t want long term medication.  I thought I knew a lot about ‘healthy eating’, but every week I learned something new, and how food can be ‘medicine’.  I still use the breakfast recipes, and have not had acid reflux since.  The things I enjoyed most were the support of the group and Evelyn’s calm manner of imparting knowledge.  If you ever feel ‘out of control’ around food, you’ll learn why here – and that it’s nothing to do with lack of moral character or human failings, it’s basic biology.  The good news is that there is a compassionate answer for yourself and you’ll learn about it here

Hazel McSporran

Shedding weight

I signed up because I wanted encouragement to try leaving sugar, dairy and wheat out of my diet and didn’t know how to approach this issue. The weekly step by step approach worked well for me and I carried on afterwards – of sorts. Next thing I found myself having unintentionally but very happily shed 8 kg in a few weeks after the course.