I started a list of recommended books for you. More books and descriptions will be added over the coming time!

Deliciously Ella

‘Deliciously Ella’ is the Blog that Ella Woodward (now Ella Mills) started when she had rare and big health issue. Her recipes are plant-based (so vegan) and are refined sugar, gluten and dairy free.

I like them because they’re easy to make and tasty and lots of my clients use them.  Her first book, Deliciously Ella, has some good information about the different products she uses and also great basic recipes for cooking grains, making vegetable stock etc. My favourite recipe is the broccoli and avocado salad on page 148! Broccoli, avocado with a creamy tahini dressing. The book has a good mix of breakfasts, salads, mains, snacks and even cakes. What I find not so great is that she’s not always as accurate with her measurements in this book and uses mugs instead of cups or -even better – grams.


  • Deliciously Ella Every Day is Ella’s second book focuses on quick and easy, plant based recipes for those who don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen.  Some of the chapters: Breakfast, Healthy eating on the go, Easy weekday dinners and Big batch cooking.

She has some great advice on how to organise healthy eating doable when you’re having a busy life. Because if you don’t organise something you’ll end up hungry and wanting to eat anything that is around!

The recipes are vegan, as said, so if you need to be careful about your blood glucose balance you might want to add some eggs, fish or meat to them.

Some favourites of mine:  pea and cauliflower bowl, sweet potato and coconut soup and the chickpea, quinoa and turmeric curry. Ah yes, and I made the chocolate ganache cake many times!


Livia’s Kitchen

Whole food energy

Smoothies and juices
Auto-immune paleo