Local food

Roots Fruits and Leaves, founded by Karen Hughes, offers a box scheme with a difference … you can ‘create your own’  box via their on-line shop! You can choose from a selection of freshly harvested, local, seasonal fruit and veg – all grown using organic methods. The growers live and work within a 10 miles radius of Findhorn – you can’t get it more local than this. The produce is of a beautiful quality and super fresh. Have  a look here at their online shop.

Stacie Whitney makes and sells powerful Bone Broth. Bone broth is a highly nourishing and nutrient dense broth made by simmering bones – just like your (grand)mother did! She has a mailing list and you can connect with her by email: stacie@staciewhitney.net

Mohini’s Kitchen makes and sells raw energy balls, cooked brownies and biscuits, all free of refined sugar, gluten and dairy. She sells them freshly made to order from home. Here’s how to connect with her: mohini@lifeforcenergy.com

Perecke makes a whole range of things, all from organic ingredients:

  • raw chocolate (plain, orange, mint, cayenne, coffee)
  • chocolate balls (nuts, dates, cacao, coconut based, no processed sugar)
  • lemon-ginger balls (figs, nuts, lemon, ginger)
  • seed and nut milks (sesame, pumpkin seed, almond, made with filtered water)
  • ‘chocolate mousse’ with cashews and dates
  • mango and cashew pudding
  • water kefir
  • hummus, muesli, aubergine spread, etc…

As she makes things fresh she needs about 24 hour notice. You can connect with her via her email: soaring.dragon@ymail.com