Eveline’s Home Apothecary Classes

I’m very excited about offering my home apothecary workshops again! This is where you learn how to use the herbs that grow around you for your health and well-being.

Learning how to make your own herbal remedies is fun ánd a very satisfying and useful skill. Imagine having a natural medicine chest at home, filled with remedies you made yourself…

Join me for these classes:

  • 18 January 2020: Making Fire Cider: a tasty tonic for the Immune System.
  • 2 February 2020: Digestive bitters: learn how to make your own and how to use them.
  • 1 March 2020: Working with Comfrey: learn how to make your own salve, poultice and tincture. More information coming soon.
  • 12 April: Detox tincture: how weeds can help us gently detoxing our body. More information coming soon

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